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There’s a place for everyone at MHC, and being a Sponsor is a great way to get involved. To learn more about how to become a Sponsor, please click the button below or contact our Vice President of Sponsorship, John Nunn, at jnunn40@hotmail.com or 410-658-3300.

Eqyss Logo


EQyss is MHC’s official grooming products sponsor. 

EQyss is based in California and has been manufacturing equine grooming products since 1991.  EQyss explains that “[u]nlike humans, most animals are slick skinned. Which means, in order to properly hydrate and/or respirate, animal’s coats must be free of any residue or coating that blocks moisture in order to transfer moisture from the air, down the individual hair shafts, and into the dermis, or skin.”  

EQyss took proven human salon formulas and balanced the pH to be in the ideal range for specific animals. EQyss removed ingredients that leave residues in the hair, making EQyss the only weightless line of pet & equine grooming products.

As part of its sponsorship relationship, EQyss is offering MHC members a 10% discount at Eqyss.com. Contact admin@mdhorsecouncil.org to receive the discount code.

EQyss became a proud supporter of the Maryland Horse Council in 2022.

Farm Credit Logo

Horizon Farm Credit

Horizon Farm Credit (Formerly MidAtlantic Farm Credit) is part of the national Farm Credit System, a system created when President Woodrow Wilson signed legislation in 1916 to form a network of banks and associations to serve agriculture and rural homeowners. President Wilson knew in 1916 what we know today—that agriculture can be a tricky business, and that commercial banks are not always committed to its success.

Farm Credit is committed to your success as a farm owner. Our loan officers aren’t just your lender; they want to be a resource for you, a consultant on your team. You won’t find a group of more knowledgeable, experienced individuals. Many grew up on farms, and many continue to farm while being part of Farm Credit. They know the challenges that you face, and they’re dedicated to helping you overcome them with flexible financing solutions designed to fit your needs. Our staff is also well versed on getting you the best land loan package for your situation and sometimes that means working with land programs offered by FSA and USDA, which we will do with you.

At Farm Credit, we know that many first-time farm owners are unsuccessful securing mortgages with traditional commercial banks and financial institutions. Why? Because most of the value of the farm is in the land, but traditional mortgages are loaning on the value of the house only, not the land.  We’ve been lending money for homes and farms in the country for more than 90 years, so we get it. We’re the experts in rural financing, and we’ll help give your story a happy ending, like we did for Abby Gibbon and her Fine Idea Farm!

And Farm Credit provides more than just mortgages! We can help you finance anything related to your farm, including (but not limited to) barns, fencing, indoor and outdoor arenas, solar panels, home improvements and renovations, trailers, trucks, farm equipment – and help provide for operating expenses!

Talk with one of our loan officers today. 

(888) 339-3334 • www.horizonfc.com 

MAFC has been a proud supporter of the Maryland Horse Council since 1996.

The Diamond Team

The Diamond Team of eXp Realty, LLC

Tracy Diamond: A Howard County native, Tracy grew up amid the rolling hills of Maryland’s prime farmland. She came from families with deep roots in land, as farmers and as realtors. Tracy’s clients benefit from her intimate knowledge of traditional and newer neighborhoods, her relationships within the community, her ag-related knowledge and her over 25 years of successfully buying and selling homes, farms and equestrian properties, which in 2019 earning her a coveted position in the top 1% of Maryland realtors. In 2018, Tracy moved her business to eXp Realty in order to provide her clients with the most sophisticated digital technology platforms available in the industry. In each year with eXp, Tracy quickly vaults to theprestigious ICON agent statusfor sales volume. 

Victoria Kaminski: Also a Howard County native, after graduating West Virginia University in 2014, Victoria Kaminski joined the Tracy Diamond Team, quickly establishing a reputation as the “go to” agent for new homebuyers. Victoria’s digital skills were critical in seamlessly transitioning the Team and its clients to the new eXp Realty brokerage in 2018. Victoria’s social media presence on @VictoriaYourHomeGirl Facebook and Instagram gives access to the most current financing programs, market trends, and educational tips to those interested in achieving their goals of buying a home. Victoria can also be found hosting First time Homebuyer Seminars to guarantee buyers have the proper knowledge prior to going through the home buying process to ensure a stress free experience.  Although most of her time is spent servicing her clients, when she can find some spare time, lifelong athlete Victoria enjoys whatever time she can find to be on or around a horse or at the gym! 

Crystal Brumme Pickett: New to the team as a licensed realtor and operations manager, Crystal brings to The Tracy Diamond Team a varied background as both a marketing and equine professional. Her 27 years of equestrian marketing as the owner and publisher of The Equiery, active involvement with Maryland agriculture and the equestrian community, plus a genuine interest in farms and properties, make her an integral and knowledgeable addition to our team.  Her proven track record helping farm and stable owners grow their businesses makes Crystal uniquely suited to help our team provide guidance for the professional seeking a farm to set up a business – or for the buyer looking for a private farm to call home. Crystal not only understands equestrian real estate, she also understands how to market and evaluate equestrian properties, and she knows what will be of value in the long term.

410-984-2501 • tracy@tracydiamondteam.com • www.TracyDiamondTeam.com 

The Diamond Team became a proud supporter of the Maryland Horse Council in 2021.

The Maryland Horse Trials

Loch Moy Farm is the home of The Maryland Horse Trials.

Just 15 minutes from Frederick, Maryland, 30 minutes from Leesburg, Virginia and only 50 minutes from DC and Baltimore, the Highlands at Loch Moy Farm offers the perfect setting for horse shows and other community and sporting events. Just a few of our offerings throughout the season: 9 acres of all-weather rings XC Schooling 365 days a year, 50 + days of competition, 4 USEA Recognized Horse Trials FEI CIC* & CIC**, East Coast FEH Championships, Loch Moy USDF Dressage Festival on 2 weekends, 6 Starter Horse Trials, Twilight Eventing and so much more! According to the USEA’s results database, MDHT was the #5 US Horse Trial Venue and the #1 Mid-Atlantic Venue in 2016

15 minutes from Frederick, Maryland, 30 minutes from Leesburg, Virginia and only 50 minutes from DC and Baltimore, the Highlands at Loch Moy Farm offers the perfect setting for horse shows and other community and sporting events.  Just a few of our offerings throughout the season:  

Contact Info: 1235 Park Mills Rd. Adamstown MD  21710
(301) 514-0111 • info@themarylandhorsetrials.com • www.themarylandhorsetrials.com


Maryland Horse Industry Board

The purpose of the Maryland Horse Industry Board (MHIB), as enumerated in Article 2-708.1 of the Annotated Code of Maryland is, taken broadly, to promote equestrian activities and the use of horses for recreation through promotional activities that create awareness and visibility for the equine industry, educational and research projects to benefit the equine industry, and developmental efforts, such as job training programs, facilities planning and export marketing to stimulate the growth of the local horse economy. Moreover, the board serves in an advisory capacity to the Secretary of Agriculture regarding matters affecting the industry and as the licensing body for Maryland stables. To this end, the Board has a mission that includes regulatory, advisory, promotional, and educational roles.​

Nunn Finer

Nunn Finer manufactures English riding tack, products and stable supplies. The company was founded by MHC Board Member John Nunn In 1993, when he  began making Thoroughbred racing equipment. The company expanded after riders in disciplines outside of racing began requesting leather goods and equipment. Nunn Finer began manufacturing high quality bridles for the Eventing, Dressage, and Foxhunting communities as well as for Hunter/Jumper competitors. As Nunn says on the company’s website, “I could never figure out why bridles cost $500-$600 dollars without reins. I know what it cost to make a beautiful bridle out of the finest Italian leather which surely should not cost our customers that much . . . Another thing I could never understand was if you break a cheek piece or need a different size brow band, the matching part wasn’t available.” Nunn Finer stocks all the bridle replacement parts.

In addition to bridles, Nunn Finer makes matching martingales, breastplates, and stirrup leathers along with an array of equine boots for day-to-day training and competition. The company is also the largest supplier of studs and caulks in the country, and the only manufacturer of the revolutionary self-cleaning stud.

Learn more at https://www.nunnfiner.com.

Paradise Energy Logo

Paradise Energy Solutions

Brothers Tim, Marcus, Matthew, and Jason Beiler launched Paradise Energy Solutions in 2009. Since then, Paradise has grown to more than 80 employees helping over 1,4000 businesses, farmers, and homeowners make a difference with solar energy.

Paradise’s customer-focused team approach has made them the “go-to” experts in the solar industry. They will always do what’s right, even at the detriment of their bottom line, because they believe that in the long run, everyone comes out ahead. Because of their commitment to doing things the right way, they have been ranked as a Top Solar Contractor by Solar Power World for eight consecutive years – and are now the #1 commercial installation company in Pennsylvania.

Paradise understands solar energy is a big investment, and that is why they provide the industry-leading “Triple Ten Guarantee:” Paradise will guarantee your system’s production for ten years, and also will cover workmanship issues for the first 10 years of the 30-year lifespan of your system. 

Like most other horse farm owners, you’re probably paying more than you need to for electric, and with the razor thin margins in the horse industry, this on-going expense leaves your bottom line vulnerable.

Will Solar, you can eliminate or at least reduce your electric bill and get around 60% of the installation cost back in year 1 through tax credits, accelerated depreciation, and grants – all while being a good steward of the environment. 

The teams of skilled, experienced solar professionals at Paradise Energy Solutions enjoy helping horse farm owners, business owners and homeowners eliminate their electrical bills.  Just ask your colleagues who own Woodvale Farms in Frederick, Palmer Animal Hospital in Myersville, or Antietam Tractor & Supply in Hagerstown about their experience with us! 

Harness the sun to power your horse farm! Schedule a review for an analysis of the solar options and opportunities for your property, and prepare a quote that will let you know your estimated return on investment, (ROI), available federal and tax incentives and system costs, and projected savings in electrical costs for the next thirty years.

(877) 851-9269 • www.paradisesolarenergy.com

Paradise became a proud supporter of the Maryland Horse Council in 2020.

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