Government Relations Committee

The Government Relations Committee meets weekly during session to review legislation. It also prepares action alerts as well as a legislative tracker that it shares with every association member, with industry leaders, and with anyone else who requests it.

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We work directly with legislators

Since its founding in 1986, MHC has worked hard to represent the horse industry’s interests before state and local government and before the General Assembly in Annapolis. The 47 state senators and 141 state delegates meet in Annapolis each year from mid-January to mid-April. During the ninety day “Session,” the legislature will consider over 2,500 bills.

The Government Relations Committee reviews each of the over 2,500 bills and determines whether and how the Horse Council will take action. We might submit written testimony, testify in person, or both. We might also request that a bill be amended.

MHC also works directly, and collaboratively, with legislators. We find legislators to sponsor bills that we would like them to introduce on our behalf, we work with legislators on drafting amendments, and we meet one-on-one with individual legislators to communicate the horse industry’s position on key pieces of legislation.

You can read more about MHC’s legislative work and accomplishments by visiting the Accomplishments page and the Issues page.

You can see a list of our policy positions here.

Committee Members

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