Our Political Action Committee (PAC)

Horse Council PAC

Maryland Horse Council established its Political Action Committee in 2011 to provide our members and the public with a way to financially support the campaigns of candidates for state office who understand and support our public policy agenda.

Your Horse Council PAC contributions go into a fund that gets distributed to the campaigns that are selected by the PAC Board of Directors. All contributions and disbursements are recorded with the Maryland Election Commission.

The current Political Action Committee President is Jane Seigler, and the Treasurer is Erica Lancaster.

You can read more about our PAC in the Government Relations Column in the August 2023 issue The Equiery here.

All Maryland Horse Council members are strongly encouraged to contribute to the Horse Council PAC. Running for public office is expensive, and all candidates truly appreciate and remember their donors. Please give generously to strengthen our voice in Annapolis.

The politicians are talking about:

  • Environmental Rules
  • Real Estate, Sales and Property Taxes
  • Labor and Employment Rules
  • Horse & Pet Welfare
  • Insurance & Liability
  • Sunday Hunting
  • Helmet Use by Minors
  • Ag Preservation Funding
  • Funding for the Horse Industry Board
  • Parks & Trails Funding
  • Funding for Equestrian Facilities
  • Veterinary Practice
  • The Future of the Preakness
  • And a whole lot more!

They should be listening to us! And they have been.

Our PAC makes distributions to campaigns every Fall, and every Winter and Spring we must rebuild the fund.

Contribution Levels:
$500 Gold
$250 Silver
$150 Bronze
$75 Supporter
$50 Friend
Recurring Donation

Donate to the PAC

The second most powerful tool in our toolbox is our Horse Council PAC. For better or for worse, money talks in politics. The very existence of our PAC means that we get the attention of legislators and candidates. Our ability to financially support those officials who support us is crucial to the success of our mission, so please contribute to the PAC today!

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