Equine-Assisted Services

Maryland boasts one of the largest equine-assisted services industries in the country, with over 30 facilities across the state that offer therapeutic services to humans in need. Our equine-assisted services programs are creative, innovative, and dedicated to using the most current medicine and occupational therapy tools to benefit Marylanders of all ages, including veterans, Marylanders living with autism, Marylanders recovering from injuries, and anyone else in need of the unique emotional and empathic support that horses can give us.

Photo by Jessica Gray

MHC’s Recent Accomplishments In This Sector

  • MHC holds its first Equine-Assisted Services Town Hall (2022)
  • MHC creates a task force to examine avenues to add equine-assisted services to the list of “therapeutic recreation” reimbursable under the federal Autism Waiver for public school students.  (2022)
  • MHC works with the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs to discuss expanding the number of equine-assisted service programs eligible for reimbursement under its Animal Services program. (2021).
  • MHC creates the Equine-Assisted Services Committee.  (2021)
  • MHC supports successful legislation to add equine-assisted therapy to programs eligible for reimbursement on the Maryland Veterans Administration’s Animal Services Program.  (2022

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