MTROA Releases “Pimlico Plus” Plan for State to Aquire Pimlico and Assume Day-to-Day Racing Operations

The Maryland Thoroughbred Racetrack Operating Authority (MTROA) submitted a report to the Maryland General Assembly today recommending that the State assume control of Pimlico as well as day to day racing operations; and that the State rebuild Pimlico to include a synthetic track, a right-sized clubhouse, an equine veterinary and diagnostic facility, work force housing that meets all applicable building and safety codes, and 700 stalls.

MTROA also recommends that a new training facility be built within 50 miles of Pimlico, to include 650 stalls and facilities adequate to ensure the safety and welfare of the horses.

Laurel Park will remain in operation until Pimlico is rebuilt and the new training center is on-line, after which time racing at Laurel will cease.

Read the full report here.

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