Letter from MHC’s President

Preakness Weekend is upon us and many of you are interested in what will happen to the Preakness Stakes in the coming years. The Letter from the President in the May issue of The Equiery explains the nitty gritty of the state’s plans for Maryland Thoroughbred racing in general, and the Preakness Stakes and Pimlico in particular:

“On April 8, the Maryland General Assembly passed legislation to implement the Maryland Thoroughbred Racing Authority‘s (MTROA) ‘Pimlico Plus’ plan. The General Assembly created MTROA in 2023 and tasked it with turning Maryland into ‘a best-in-class location for Thoroughbred horse racing.’ The January 2024 Pimlico Plus plan is MTROA’s first step toward “reimagining Maryland’s horse-racing infrastructure . . . and establishing the most effective racing operating model to align the needs of patrons, horsemen, breeders, community residents and others.’

MTROA’s assignment was not easy, and we are …”

continue reading at https://content.yudu.com/web/40pbl/Equiery/May24EQ/html/index.html?page=6&origin=reader

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