Horse Industry Economic Impact Study Closing Friday, September 29

Our umbrella association, the American Horse Council, has been running its latest National Economic Impact Survey all summer and is getting ready to close the survey next Friday, September 29.  

The survey will demonstrate the value of the equine industry to the national and state economies by analyzing “the direct, indirect, and induced economic impacts of horse ownership, recreation, and equine-related services.” It will also examines changes in business revenue, business profits, personal wages, and employment since the last study was conducted in 2017.  We KNOW our industry has grown exponentially since then.

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These data are exceptionally valuable to our core mission — representing the Maryland horse industry in front of state, county, and municipal governments. These data are so important that the Maryland Horse Council, along with the Maryland Horse Industry Boardand the Maryland Horse Breeders Associationhave arranged for a Maryland state breakout of the study results

The data from the state breakout are how we know that:

  • Maryland has more horses per square mile than any other state in the  country;
  • the Maryland horse industry is at least a $2.1 billion industry; and that
  • our industry generates thousands of direct and indirect jobs across an array of industries.  

Scroll down to the QR codes below to complete the survey.

Or use this link if you are a horse owner:

And use this link if you are a horse industry supplier: 


N.B. Your information will be used for purposes of the AHC study only, and will not be shared with any licensing, immigration, or taxing authority.

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