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September 13, 2018

Update and Next Steps: Hunting of Waterfowl

Prior to the last quarterly meeting, the MHC was approached about a position on waterfowl hunting and the Legislative Committee recommended the issue be brought before the Board. The Executive Committee prepared and mailed a short survey to each MHC member to collect their opinions on the issue.  Results of the 78 returned surveys, representing less than 10% of the MHC’s membership, were presented to the Board at the August 14th meeting. The results were followed by rich discussion of reasons to or not to take a position.

Many felt that more information was needed before an informed decision could be made, so a motion was approved to have each Board member contact their respective constituents to get a better sense of how members feel about the issue as well as the level of resources they feel MHC should invest.

A final discussion and vote will occur at the MHC Annual Meeting on November 13, 2018, in Annapolis.

Board members will be reaching out to you shortly.  If you wish to contact your Board representative, see the list of Directors at We have also set up new email addresses for each membership category to make it easier to communicate.  Please feel free to contact your Board representatives at:

Individual Members

Farm Members        

Association Members

Business Members 


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