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Maryland 2017
Composting Demonstration Site and Training Workshops

We are thrilled to announce that Veteran Compost, LLC of Aberdeen, Maryland - in partnership with O2Compost – has been awarded a two-year grant with the Maryland Department of Agriculture to train livestock owners how to properly manage livestock manure using the Aerated Static Pile Method of Composting. The goal is to work with livestock owners throughout the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and teach them how to protect surface and ground water resources.

The grant proposal includes three components:

A demonstration site near Annapolis, Maryland that utilizes ASP Compost Systems that are suitable for small, medium and large scale livestock operations;
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Workshops to teach livestock owners the science and art of composting; and
A website that helps producers market and sell their compost to gardeners, landscapers, urban farmers and others located throughout the State of Maryland and neighboring region.
The demonstration site will be a permitted, working compost facility that illustrates cost effective strategies for converting a significant waste problem into a resource opportunity. The facility will utilize solar power as an alternative energy source, and will demonstrate water conservation strategies through the capture and reuse of rainwater from structure roofs.

With assistance provided by local universities and county conservation districts, this project will also conduct research to study the sequestration of nitrogen and phosphorous to reduce adverse impacts to surface and ground water resources in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. 

Workshops will be conducted on a quarterly basis beginning in March 2017, and will include the following topics presented by nationally recognized leaders in their respective fields:

The fundamentals and practical applications of on-farm composting;
The benefits of compost utilization;
Small farm planning: mud, pasture and manure management;
Vermiculture (composting with worms);
Organic land care practices and carbon sequestration; and
Marketing high quality compost products.
While Maryland residents will be given priority, everyone will be welcome to attend these workshops and participate in the marketing cooperative website. If this is of interest to you, email to add your name to our Pre-Registration List.

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Maryland Horse Council Farm Stewardship

Meeting Report

Persimmon Tree Farm

August 10, 2016

Jane Thery

Founder and Chair, Maryland Horse Council Farm Stewardship Committee

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