February 15, 2017

Persistent herbicides can negatively affect your composted manure.

Certain herbicides are used on hay that "persist," and can cause your composted manure to kill plants that it is used on.

What can I do as a horse farm owner/manager to reduce the risk of persistent herbicides in my horses’ manure and manure compost?

Ask your hay, straw and feed providers to confirm that the following products were not used in their products:

Tordon, Grazon, Access, Pathway – produced by Dow Agro Sciences and containing Picloram

Curtail, Redeem, R&P, Transline, Confront, Lontrel – produced by Dow Agro Sciences and containing Clopyralid

Milestone, Forefront, Chaparrel – produced by Dow Agro Sciences and containing Aminopyralid

Imprelis, Perspective, Viewpoint, Streamline – produced by Dupont and containing Aminocyclopyrachlor

Use your consumer power to eliminate these products from the food to manure chain and protect our valued compost.

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