• The Maryland Horse Council supports efforts to prevent injuries in the Maryland thoroughbred racing industry - (click here for statement)
  • The Maryland Horse Council supports efforts by the State of Maryland to control and reduce the deer population, including, but not limited to sharp shooter hunts, extension of the hunting season, etc. However, MHC does not support efforts which will further limit or eliminate the use of public or private land by other user groups at least one day per weekend during the established season.
  • The Maryland Horse Council supports shared use of parks by multi-users one weekend day per week during each week of firearms season, one weekend day per week in which a firearms ban is in effect.
  • The Maryland Horse Council supports efforts to ban the use of double-decker trailers, a.k.a. opossum bellies, for the transportation of equine.
  • The Maryland Horse Council supports slots at horse racetracks.
  • The Maryland Horse Council supports the legal definition of horses as livestock.
  • The Maryland Horse Council supports the Maryland Feed Fund for the purpose of funding the Maryland Horse Industry Board.
  • The Maryland Horse Council supports AHC's recreational trail riding efforts.
  • The Maryland Horse Council supports education efforts for the care and welfare of horses, supports efforts that govern the enforcement of current or future regulations ensuring the humane transportation of horses for slaughter, and supports the development of an infrastructure for end of life options for horses.
  • The Maryland Horse Council believes the most promising approach in Maryland is for the horse industry to work together with other industries on general tort reform while protecting the positive aspects of Maryland’s tort law. Maryland’s contributory negligence and assumption of the risk defenses need to be safeguarded. Maryland case law shows the positive effect of such defenses on the horse industry. Therefore we oppose attempts to change the basis upon which Maryland courts assess liability from contributory negligence to comparative negligence, and any reform aimed at limited the existing defenses.
  • The Maryland Horse Council favors a more general reform approach focused on limited lawsuits and damage awards. As a member of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce, the Maryland Horse Council works with the Chamber’s Liability Reform Committee and the Maryland Tort Reform Coalition to improve Maryland tort law without losing the positive parts of the present system.
  • MHC supports the AHC Welfare Code of Practice.
  • MHC is a volunteer organization operating on a very limited budget, largely funded by membership dues and several generous sponsors. Our policy position does not allow us to make donations or grant sponsorships to any of the many worthy groups and events that seek support.
  • At the discretion of the Executive Committee, the Maryland Horse Council may require written responses on votes on newly introduced issues of significant interest to the Maryland Horse Council membership--(Click here for policies)
  • The Maryland Horse Council adopts position on horse slaughter. (Click here for the policy resolution)
  • Resolution on Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act. (Click here for the policy resolution)
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